What’s inside?


此應用程式功能網羅ToNick 最新的動向資訊,樂隊介紹及媒體發佈等包括:
音樂試聽:包括最新大碟《Round 2》及《Let’s Go》的免費試聽。
官方相冊及影片:更附有wallpaper 下載及 未公開的絕密片段。
樂迷互動: 實時留言板及ToNick Facebook.

     Live Chat
Real time platform allows ToNick's friends to chat or discuss within the application. Making use of client-server based technology, you can freely express your feelings on ToNick Friend's Wall.

       Mini Game
"How long can you stay awake?"
In the mini game, ToNick need your help to keep their dream last longer.
Tilt your device to help “Hang Jai” to dodge away from the falling objects and keep him in his dream.
It's time to dream!

Embedded Facebook page is a channel to provide detailed information, user can direct access ToNick facebook in app.

       Photo Album
Latest! Official! Highest quality! ToNick's photo album.
The online photo album shares the latest ToNick photos and a collection of exclusive photos. Photo Album dynamically updates within the application periodically and perhaps you can find new photos that surprise you.
It also includes a number of ToNick's art wallpapers. Download all for free!

       Video from YouTube
A collection of ToNick's humorous and creative videos, including official MV, interviews and exclusive videos, are available for live streaming on your iPhone now!

     Music Player
The music player in the ToNick app includes trial versions of their albums, "Let's go" and the latest album "Round 2". Full lyrics are included. Try to taste ToNick's music, it's all free!

     News Update and Notification
You can find out the Official News here, including the coming performances and latest activities.
Enable the push notification with the app to receive messages and ToNick will share with you instantly.

     Visual Effect and Innovative Interface design
let's check out the innovative visual effect and interface design, our interface designers build UI by using rich animation, graphic and audio effect. Download and experience this high quality now!


* All photographs, videos, graphics, music and literary works on this application are the property of Ksana Production Ltd.. The use of any of the material on this application without the written permission is strictly prohibited and violations will be pursued to the furthest extent allowed under the law.