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Our Service

We have carefully crafted our internal application design and development process to ensure that our performance and service quality . From the outset of every relationship, we dig in to understand our client's business objective so that throughout the application design and development process we can make meaningful recommendations about project requirements and what each client might do differently to separate themselves from their competition.

Concept & Ideation

Before we start to build custom mobile applications, we first help clients clarify their business objectives so we can build a plan that enables the most efficient delivery of each project. We help clients organize and streamline features for the best possible user experience.

Art & Design

We will make sure the visuals are a perfect fit for our client's target audience and optimized for the appropriate platforms. The Visual Designer creates the look and feel of the app based on existing branding or will design a logo and identity that is consistent with our client’s existing company style and goals.

Custom Application Development

We are able to combine solid planning with flexibility our expert developers require to produce creative & innovative applications for our clients. To deliver an outstanding level of customer service, you can contact the project manager for any problems.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We do both integration & system testing throughout development. Our process includes testing for accessibility, limited Internet connections. We make sure your app works before we even think about putting it online.


PlayHard builds professional and innovative applications tailored to client specification. Making use of the latest technology, we help your application achieve the highest value. We don't just focus on creating a mobile application, but also how the mobile application can be built and utilized to advance our client's business strategy.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Live Chat

News Update and Notification

Music Player

Photo Album

Video from YouTube

Physical Engines

Game Design

Social Network Sharing

Players Interaction


Facebook Interaction

Graphic Design

All the graphic designs we use are produced in-house and original. Attractive and high standard of graphic is an indispensable element of a successful game, therefore we insist in providing the highest standard and tailor-made graphic with professional animations.

Visual Effect and Innovative Interface design

Different from traditional user interface design which uses static application template, our interface designers build interactive and attractive UI by using rich animation, graphic and audio effect. This enables applications to build a good impression and high quality of user experience.

Quality Assurance

The app market places is highly competitive with literally thousands of apps being introduced everyday. Coding prowess is only half the battle in creating top rank apps. We understand the App store trends, the latest programming techniques, and modern user-interface design. We study the potential competition, use our experience, research ability and insights to provide our clients the best possible plan to launch their app and make it successful. Every app is different and each plan must be unique in order to provide for the maximum possible success.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and what could be an ideal app strategy for you.