Rolling Boil!

The Chubby’s Family loves hotpot! In order to seek for their favorite ingredients, they decided to run around the world to enjoy the most popular hotpot from different countries. And now, they need your help!

During your war for the delicacies, you have to make tactful uses of your ice-cream, coke and lucky star which are all advantageous for you in the war, or use the hot chili pepper, cuttlefish, and the flashing light to give your opponent a big punch! Other than that, there are different Frenzy Modes that help you to beat your enemies, such as the ‘speed-eating’, ‘chili bubbles’, ‘chili baseball’, ‘shaky coke’, etc. which are all good test on how fast reacting and lucky you can be!

NOW, it’s time to join the war with your friends in the boiling pot of craziness, happiness and fun!