Hear the World

Hear the World is a MUST HAVE item for learning actively in a relaxing and fun environment.

It makes use of different sound elements to build up exciting and funny games. In addition, this app provides “Sound Book” collection which own over 100, non-repeated sounds and with 8 different languages description. It is a must have application to enrich the functionality of your iPhone/ iPad.

+ Training Game

Training Game

The game is simple but effective. It provides :

*Sound Recognition Training*

It enhances user’s sensitivity to differentiating sounds, strengthen their knowledge to daily life sounds.

*Memory Training*

This can help users to enhance short term memory.

*Response and Coordination Training*

Unlike the standard traditional flash card, you need to trace the image, follow its movement, and drag it to the answer box. This helps to train eyes and finger coordination, and enhance responsiveness in tracing object

+ Language


English, German, Spanish,
France Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

All the sound items are provided in 8 different languages. Just switch the languages toggle button to translate the sound item’s name instantly.

+ Sound Book

Professional Sound Effect

A collection of sound clips. There are 10 types of sound collection, 100+ sound items. Simply tap on each item, it will play the sound of the corresponding item. It’s name will also be displayed in the desired language.

Majority of the professional sound effects are produced by Sony Creative Software (SONY ®)